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10 Ways to be Productive at Home

Updated: May 29, 2020

Being Productive with a schedule and workplace is easier and automatic. But the real struggle starts when you have to be the same at home. Cozy homes are not pre-structured to make us work, but we can definitely push a few thongs here and there and make it productive! Here are 10 ways in which you can be productive while staying at home.

1) Make a Routine

First things first. Make a routine and follow it. Staying home gives us the advantage of modifying our timings and keeping them flexible, but at the same time following a structured routine will help us utilize our time well. So set your timings and prepare a to=do list beforehand, to mark all the things you have planned to do in the day.

2) Start Early

Waking up early does half of the work of being productive in-home than, than waking up late. Cozy mornings, but early mornings. For this one, you need to sleep on time at night and wake up on time in the morning. With a fresh mind, you can have a good time all day.

3) Workout

Just how eating healthy matters, working out also does. You can do it in the form of gym, home cardio session, yoga, or whatever way you like it. When your body feels fresh, your mind will feel the same automatically. If you don’t have a habit of working out, you can simply do some stretches every morning, just to wake your body up and inculcate a healthy habit in your lifestyle.

4) Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is one of the important aspects of staying healthy and active throughout the day. With good food in you’ll have ample energy and health to win the day. Avoid ordering junk, and cook at home. Try out healthy food recipes and be creative, productive, and healthy all at once!

5) Have a log-in log-out time

Just how you have timings for work, school, college, have timings at home as well. Fix a log-in and log-out time, and make sure you really work during those hours. Don’t use that time for social media or personal calls, keep it strictly work-related.

6) Organize your Workspace

Before you start working or studying, make sure you have a clean, organized and cute workspace for you. Make it look creative and comfy at the same time motivating enough for you to work at.

7) Motivation

Home vibes need to be kept in check with some constant motivation. You can put up motivating frames or posters in your house and especially in your room and work desk. You can put up some music in the back if you like, have a drink along, basically just set the whole vibe. Remember the goal is to utilize the entire day and be productive. Keep discouraging elements away like long hours on social media, and keep in touch with the people who help you stay motivated all the time. Work at your comfort hours. People have different times in the day when they feel the most creative, or active or motivated. Make sure you use those hours to their best limits.

8) Take Breaks

Being home, you can give that to yourself for doing some other stuff, like cooking, cleaning, walking a dog, etc. Being home is so risky that these breaks can sometimes last all day, and that’s exactly what we don’t want to do. Keep a track of how log you watched TV, or how long did you use your phone and minimize it during work hours.

9) Be Creative

Try learning or doing something new every day. It can be trying out a new way to wear an outfit or a new way to cook something. You can try mixing audio tracks, paint, play a musical instrument, plant a garden, try a DIY, room decor, or practice a dance routine, it can be anything new and creative. I personally tried editing videos once, and it's my new hobby now. Remember creativity produces productivity.

10) Side Hustle

It’s always healthy and beneficial to have a side hustle that you can work on beside your daily actual work routine. For example, many people make YouTube videos while also working at a 9 to 5 job, or some people have different business portfolios that work hand in hand. I personally recommend this one to everyone, to have something where you can be creative or live your passions out beside your normal professional life. It gives you a break from the daily struggle of life and keeps your inner self alive.

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