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3 Ingredients for a Better Soul

Updated: May 29, 2020

Be kind and have courage” – Cinderella

They say humanity will wash away one day. Everyone who took birth on this planet will eventually leave this place. What was born will die one day, the human body will turn into nothing, but what will remain is our soul. They say souls never die. In the cycle of birth and death, we carry the same soul into different bodies every time we take birth on earth. According to many theories in various religions, the continuous cycle of birth and death and rebirth takes place in order of the results of our karmas. We have to take birth again to give back things we took from others in our previous lives, to take the fortune and misfortune we deserve according to our actions. In rebirths, we change many bodies. If we’re privileged, we come down as humans, otherwise, it might be a cat, a snake, or an insect, who knows what. We may be externally beautiful, muscled up, tall, etc but in reality, we are who we are from inside. The one thing that remains similar in all these different bodies is our soul. Souls don’t change. the values in the soul don’t change. What defines a being in its purest form is its soul. It all comes down to the soul – the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

Therefore, more than how well a body is or how well it is doing, we must be concerned about how our soul is and how it's doing. Just how a human body needs food, shelter, and clothes to live, our soul needs these three magical ingredients to it in order to stay good and healthy:

Kindness, Courage, and Forgiveness

For a better soul, for a better life, and for better karmas if we acquire these three qualities, our lives can be beautiful and free from all the wrongdoings that we do intentionally or unintentionally that keeps adding up to our karmas.

Kindness Be kind to everyone, irrespective of their condition, or your condition. It's important for us to know that whoever we might be dealing with, may have been going through some bad days. It's important for us to provide them with warmth and politeness especially when they need it, and don’t like they want it. In the regular human tendency, we treat people according to how we feel. for example, if one friend is having a little delay in receiving his paycheck, he shouldn’t cut his expenses on another friend. For that friend might be using his last savings and no one would ever know about it. Its easier to treat people well when we have everything around us going well. happiness is easier to share. Its the tough times where we miss out to help others. The very meaning of humanity says – Humanity means helping others at times when they need that help the most, humanity means forgetting our selfish interests at times when others need our help.

Courage Life is a roller-coaster. Its a combination of good days and bad days. We should face all the good days with gratitude and bad days with courage. Courage is for handling all kinds of misfortunes in life and stand strong every time a wave hits us. Life is full of miseries and tides of water. Sometimes the tides are low sometimes high. We should be mentally prepared, and emotionally strong enough to deal with all kinds of lemons in life with lots of courage. Taking happiness is easier, its the tough times that we get tested for. But I’ll tell you something, just like every phase, a sad phase too passes away. It's only for a little while but after every darkness, we see a light. So we must hold on strong till we see the light.

Forgiveness This one is the toughest of them all. Forgiving means letting go of negative emotions like resentment or vengeance against someone for their actions. Forgiveness is for reducing the heaviness of hate and disguise in our lives towards people and things we face in our lives. The weight of hate we take along, the grudges we carry with us, not only increases the amount of karma other one deserves but also destroys our inner peace. Traits like jealousy, insecurities, control, greed, revenge, leave a human with sleepless nights, and never resting soul. People who are strangled among these traits have no peace of mind. They are constantly filling with emotions that eat them up from inside. That’s why, forgiving people for their wrongs, letting go of people’s fault, and setting people free are the rescuing exercises for the soul from the constant unrest they have been living in. Also, forgiveness is the most difficult yet the biggest and most respectful quality one can possess. It's the best source of peace for humanity.

That’s all for today folks, I was feeling pretty spiritual the other day and was talking about life and soul with my mother that day, which made me think why not write it down. I’m not sure how everyone will take such heavy life lessons but these are the things I’ve seen elevate people to their higher self. I strongly believe in everything I just wrote above and hope it turns out helpful for you as well. Have a good day!

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