• Deepasha Jha

8 Types of People You should keep Close in Life

Humans being the social beings we are, need people around to thrive better. Having a good social circle becomes very important in life as the people we have around have an impact on our well being. Hence we should definitely have certain kinds of people close to us, like;

The Cheerleader

These are the kinds of people who encourage you and uplift you. They want to see you grow and achieve goals in life. They'll give you hope and help you in seeing your worth. They give you a perception from a brighter side. They'll make sure your motivated and uplifted when life drags you down.

The Inspired

These people give you inspiration from all angles. Such people are ambitious in their own life and so they radiate the same energy around for you to catch. They are dreamers and curious in life, so they pass on that energy to you as well. They bring you ideas and thoughtful ways for you to widen your creative space. They make sure they leave you with something to look forward to doing. If you're ever stuck, they bring out the curiosity in you and help you create something of your own that'd make you happy. They literally push you to do something at your best.

The Compassionate

The compassionate people have their doors always open for you. They provide love, warmth, and empathy whenever you require them. They make sure they check up on you every once in a while to make sure you're okay. They are the people you go to when you feel like venting your heart out. They are amazing listeners and counselors.

The Correcter

These people can give you the best and the most honest feedback possible. They hold the criticizing hand and will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to. The aim of such people isn't to bring you down but only to correct you with constructive criticism. They make sure you don't slip into the wrong directions because they care for you.

Fun Lover

Who doesn't want fun in life? Keep fun-loving people closer, so you never get bored with life. They bring the spice up, they stir things around and they make sure you laugh and have a good time.

The Adviser

The advisers hold the position in your life of giving out the best possible advice. Whenever something occurs that you can't solve on your own or require a helping hand, these are the people you go to. They are amazing listeners so you know you'll be heard. They help you solve your problems and guide you to the right path.

The Trustable

These are the people who give you the confidence of trust. they are great listeners and will patiently hear you out. You can slip your deepest secrets out to and they lock it up to take them to their graves. People who can keep secrets are like trust falls. When you feel the fear of judgment by sharing something with others, this is the person you go to. They keep your word and you know you're safe with them.

The Optimistic

Positive people radiate positive vibes. They are forever grateful and look at the brighter side of life. They help you shift your perception of seeing things from a negative point of view to a positive one. Keeping such people around keeps you under a realization that life has a lot more to offer rather than just some downfalls. They keep you grounded and help you enjoy the simplest yet the best joys of life.

So the bottom line is, we need to be mindful of what kind of people we surround ourselves with and these are the definite ones you need!

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