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Goa: Day 1 & 2

Updated: May 29, 2020

Goa, the all-time favorite destination had me dancing on my feet for 3 days. Like any other time, my vacations were boring me to death when my family friends, out of the blue one day, brought Goa into one of our regular conversations. Few minutes for booking the tickets, a few hours for convincing my parents, and the next thing I knew was that I was on my way to Goa!

It was a sleeper bus at night from Bangalore to Goa which took approximately 12 hrs to reach. We reached our hotel in Calangute which is in the north of Goa. The Calangute beach was walking distance from our hotel, exactly how I wanted. The Calangute, Baga and Anjuna beach are lined up together closely. You can know more about the beaches of Goa in my next blog http://theblossomdiary.com/top-few-of-goa/. After freshening up, we went to the Calangute beach. For someone who hasn’t been near saltwater, like me, it is heaven. The sun was nice as ever, the sand brought the fun energy in every step I took, and the sea.. welcomed us with open arms. The beach was clean and not heavily crowded. There were places for sunbathing and food and drinks.

We saw the sun setting down, the waves growing strong. It was beautiful. You know there are things that you already are fond of and then when you get them you fall deeper in love with them. I’m in love with the sea. It’s one place I can never say no to. I can find every human feeling that we go through, right there in there. It was peaceful and beautiful as ever. I admired the beauty for long enough until it was dinner time. We had our dinner in one of the restaurants on the beach. Candlelight dinner with Goan sea-food and the sea beside you is magical.

The next day we went to Coco beach. FYI: all the beaches in Goa have everything you find in the neighboring beaches, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose to go to. We took a boat ride that showed us around. We saw Aguada Fort, which was made by the Portuguese in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas. It has a freshwater spring inside the fort which was used by the ships passing by to replenish their fresh water stores. The four-story Portuguese lighthouse is the oldest of its kind in Asia. Below the fort is The Central Jail, an underground prison built in the same year. Near that, there is Jimmy’s Palace which is a luxurious bungalow belonging to Jimmy Gazdar, a business tycoon from Paris. Then we saw the dolphins 😀 They say the dolphins can be seen during the early hours of the day, we were lucky to catch some glimpse of camera.

It was my first time seeing a dolphin, and I’m very fond of animals, so that boat ride made my day. After that, we came to the beach and there were small shops offering all sorts of things, a tourist would want to take home. I bought some jewelry for my friends back home, and a pair of flip-flops because the saltwater tore the one I was wearing. Yep, you heard it.. the seawater is going to destroy your favorite flipflops if they aren’t water-friendly so make sure you either carry extra pairs or the ones that won’t fall off.

The next thing we were going to do was water sports. Almost all the beaches have water sports there but its always better to confirm beforehand. There’s a list of activities they provide about which you can read about in my next blog http://theblossomdiary.com/top-few-of-goa/. We took a package of 4 rides for Rs 2500 per person which included Parasailing with Speedboat ride (10 mins), Jet Ski ride with the instructor (3-5 mins), Banana boat ride (3-5 mins) and Bumper boat ride (3-5 mins). Let me tell you if you’re scared of water or height, this is the place to get over it. The banana ride from a distance seemed scary for me because they throw you in the water literally in the middle of nowhere. I was never planning to do that one until I was pushed in by my sister. And the only thing I got from there was ‘hard-to-catch-breath laughter’. So don’t miss out anything just because your too afraid because you’re gonna cherish those times for your entire life. Parasailing was beautiful, and the bumper boat ride is fun if you have a good weight. Light weighing people might just go flying in the ride like me XD and the people watching you might just die laughing seeing you in air.

After the water sports, we went for Houseboat dine and dance. Its an hourly based show where you see goan dance performances, DJ, and delicious food, altogether while being on a cruise. Different cruises take you at different time intervals for different prices. Make sure you book the tickets in advance and reach there before time, Goa traffic got us missed one of our rides 😛 But they are a must in a goa trip so don’t miss it, they are really fun.

Our trip was only for 3 days.. so we had to squeeze in things in abnormal timings. I wanted to get a fish-spa and a tattoo as a permanent memory of Goa, but I also still wanted to donate blood, so I landed upon a temporary tattoo. You know they say traveling helps you learn about yourself in different ways, I never realized how ticklish I was until I put my feet inside the fish tank XD It took me 10 mins to actually start my spa because I couldn’t stop laughing XD 2 long sessions of laughter in a day, I had taken my dose of laughter for the whole year.

We called that a day and tucked ourselves in the hotel for a good night's sleep. Day 1&2 were equally fun and the fact that we only had 1 more left, was really sad. For what I did on my last day in Goa check out my next blog http://theblossomdiary.com/goa-day3/

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you liked it in the comments below, Or you can catch me on my Instagram below!


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