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Home Remedies for Skin

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hello beautiful people!

Each one of us, crave for naturally clear and glowing skin. Obviously, who doesn’t want to wake up and find yourself in an absolutely no need for make-up kind of day? I personally choose a clear, soft skin than a contoured face. No doubt makeup enhances our features and hides our flaws, but what’s better than naturally healthy skin.

Today, here I have some really easy ways for you to glow at home.

Aloe Vera

My skin’s best friend Aloe can do all good things to yours. It’s the best antiseptic for spotless and flawless skin. So, steal a leaf whenever you get a chance to. Cut it in a way you get its gel out. That gel when applied on your skin, will leave it naturally glowing. If you love gardening, plant an Aloe Vera already!


If you’re oily like me, then this is gonna be your second best friend. Lemon lightens your tone, prevents pimples, and helps in getting rid of blemishes. In total a savior for oily skinned! All you need is one little lemon cut in 2 halves. Rub one of the halves on your skin in circular motions and leave it for about 10 mins. Rinse it off and thank lemon.

Detox water

In a pitcher pour cold water and put a slice of lemon. Add 2-4 slices of cucumber and some mint leaves. Drink it through the day. The best summertime drink to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin! You can add any of your favorite fruits into it, just keeping in mind the properties they carry.

Coconut oil

Dry people meet your friend! Coconut oil helps to moisturize your skin, reduce the scars and protect your skin from infections. All you need to do it pat and massage the oil on your skin and rinse it off after 10 mins. A coconut way to glowing skin.

Green tea

Green tea is known for reducing fat and adding glow to your skin. Many people don’t agree with the taste it has, so you can add lemon and honey to it, which makes it tastier and better in all matters.

Lip scrub

Like our skin, our lips need care too. The best part about this one is, it only needs 20-30 seconds to prepare. In a small bowl mix some brown sugar, olive oil, and honey. BAM! Told ya, it’s that easy. Apply it on your lips and rinse it off after 10-15 mins. You’ll feel the difference yourself. Now smile…

Tomato – Potato

The two kitchen’s favorites can do plenty to your skin. Tomato helps in preventing pimples and potatoes treats spots and blemishes, both lead to clear and flawless skin. Potatoes even help in detaining and tomatoes taste amazing, so you can both eat and apply them on your skin. :p


Papaya can be a little messy when applied on the face, but trust me, it can do wonders. Papaya not only removes dead skin cells but all clear dirt and oil that leads to acne. It helps your skin glow papaya way!


Everyone should have rosewater in their homes. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing redness and irritation. Rosewater clears dirt and oil accumulated in clogged pores and prevents pimples. Also for the cherry on top, you start smelling like a rose.


Indians can’t do anything without Haldi (turmeric). From our birth, we’ve been told, turmeric is best for our body in every way. Turmeric helps in brightening skin tone, reduces scars and blemishes, and prevents pimples. There are many ways of making a turmeric face pack depending on your skin type. Milk works best for any face pack. All you need to do is mix some Turmeric and almond powder together and add milk to it. If the paste is too thick you can always add more milk. Apply it on your face like a regular mask, and leave it for 15 mins. Rinse it off with cold water and thank turmeric!

That’s all for today. Remember there are plenty of things in your house that can work fantastically well for your skin, and you won’t even know about it. All you need is to know the properties they carry and how they can benefit you.




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