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Resolution Ideas for 2020

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hi there everyone! So 2019 is officially over and if you’re among the 80% of the people who figured out some resolutions at the beginning of 2019 but failed to live by them, then high five. I have a long list of unaccomplished resolutions like most of us. 2020 is a new decade altogether, and something is inspiring me a lot this time to have a resolution and keep it till the end of the year. If you too want to make the best of this beautiful year, then here I have a list of 20 Creative Resolution Ideas for you all. Go ahead and pick one, or more and join me in the journey of a good year ahead! I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

  1. Save money, make a budget, and put your money to work (invest)

  2. Cut down junk to only once in two weeks and focus on fruits and veggies. Turn into vegan if possible, because health is wealth people!

  3. Develop a skill. Explore new hobbies, new interests, new liking in life. Invest in yourself, time, or money, and acquire a new skill. It could be anything sport, dance form, a new language, cooking, etc.

  4. Inculcate at least one good habit in yourself. Punctuality, confidence, self-love, politeness, being a good listener, gratitude, etc.

  5. Quite bad habits like procrastination, overthinking, criticism, alcohol, smoking, etc

  6. Bring in physical activities in life like using stairs, dancing once every week, walking as much as you can, indulging in one particular sport every weak, etc.

  7. Become a plant owner. Surround yourself with as much as greenery as possible.

  8. Start yoga or meditation. Start slow but be consistent and motivated and spot the difference it brings in your life, mentally as well physically.

  9. Volunteer for good work. It can be any social event, like teaching kids for free, visiting and spending time with elderly people, feeding orphans, and stray animals, etc.

  10. Rescue a dog or any animal. Voice out and stand against any animal cruelty you spot.

  11. Reunite with old friends or family members. Rebuild the lost bond and preserve the existing relationships.

  12. Write to yourself. Write a letter to yourself at the begging of the year and one for the end of the year. Write letters to yourself for when you’re feeling low and need hope.

  13. Shuffle your routine. Change the timings of your routine tasks. Subtract or add new tasks and make it fun.

  14. Do a room decor or a house decor.

  15. Practice self-love, mental health care, and positivity in life. Educate yourself and the people around you about how to take care of yourself on an emotional level. Cultivate faith and mental strength and learn how to fight downfalls in life.

  16. Cut down your time on the phone and Travel more. Get out in nature more often instead of peeping into social media.

  17. Let go of any grudges from the past. Forgive and forget people and bad times and start fresh from a new day every day.

  18. Overcome at least one major fear like stage fear, the fear of interaction, fear of height, etc.

  19. Compliment and encourage more than pointing out flaws in others as well as in yourself.

  20. Every day is a new opportunity. Turn every day into a learning lesson. Hustle harder, be kinder, and happier.


Lots of Love and Warmth


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