• Deepasha Jha

Things to do at Home in Self Quarantine

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Hello readers! First of all, I hope you’re all safe and healthy. This Corona Virus wave has definitely brought a stir in the world and has put us all locked up in our homes for safety purposes. Along with self-isolation, comes boredom which is the death of life in itself. So if you’re wondering what are you gonna do in the coming locked up days then, here I have a few things that you can do to make this isolation time, a fun time.

1) Self-care

This whole quarantine process is a great opportunity and synonym for self-care. From the idealized standards of self-care to the depth of it. Face masks, body scrubbing, hair oiling, healthy eating, etc etc etc can be a start to it, followed by mind cleansing, spiritual healing.

2) Netflix & Chill

Obviously the first thing that comes in our mind to kill time is watching something. So you can put on some movies or shows with popcorn or pizza and catch up on all that you have been missing out.

3) Paint

Bring that hidden talent of yours or maybe dig that “long ago buried” talent and paint some canvases.

4) Practice a dance routine

Alone in the house, where nobody is going to judge you for that dance step is the perfect timing to hit that dance floor.

5) Karaoke at home

Sing that favorite song of yours as loud as you want.

6) Play an Instrument

Pull out that guitar or piano sitting under dust and start playing some chords.

7) Cook new recipes

Good food is known to cheer up the mood, so why not try a hand in that. Also, who knows you might turn out to be a great chef. Try cooking healthy and tasty food for yourself.

8) Read

If it already isn’t your hobby, then this is the time to initiate that healthy habit of reading.

9) Work that body out

Thanks to procrastination, which is why our workout routines never came to life. But what great time could it be better than now to give it a kick start?

10) Start Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are the healthiest lifestyle activities that we should all have in our daily routine. If you aren’t doing these two already, then this is the time.

11) Write

Writing a journal, blog, poetry, letters, or anything can be very relaxing and thought-provoking. Maybe don’t type it, try writing it with your hand, trust me, it’ll feel good.

12) Adopt a companion

Self Isolation can be fun and a lot less lonely if you bring a pet at home. A dog, a cat, or even a plant will keep you happy all the time.

13) Get in touch with long lost friends

Text, call, or Skype your old friends and family and check on them while catching up on all the hot gossips. If you live with your family, this is also the perfect time for some bonding.

14) Go online shopping

Cash the wish list of yours to bring you some joy.

15) Redecorate your room

Home decors are fun. A slight shift of furniture, few decorative pieces here and there, and some colors are just enough for home decor.

16) Make a routine

Create a to-do list to keep a track of everything that you wish to do, and how much have you actually done from that list. On days like such, it is easy to go off track and spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing, so a routine will help you stay disciplined and on track.

17) Work or Study from home

I know the days are off but don’t leave working or studying. Keep them going in a relaxed manner along with other things on the side.

There are definitely more things that you can do in your free time. But most important of all should be keeping yourself healthy and protected. Share this among your friends and family to help them make this quarantine time a fun time.



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